IPL 2023 Impact Player rule explained: how does it work

IPL 2023 Impact Player rule

The Impact Player Rule will be used in the Indian Premier League (IPL) starting in the upcoming season, the League said on Friday. The IPL Governing Council has so far chosen to maintain the fundamentals of the rule at the level of the just finished Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 Trophy in October-November.

Impact Player Rule was implemented by BCCI for IPL 2023.

The regulation was introduced earlier this year in the Syed Mushtaq Ali and was first used in the IPL 2023 season. The moment teams published their list of retained players, the IPL 2023 frenzy started to build.

In addition, BCCI revealed the list of registered players for the auction and confirmed the date of the IPL 2023 players auction.

In order to bring a new dimension to the IPL, the IPL announced in a memo addressed to franchises on Thursday that one substitute player each club will be able to participate more actively in an IPL match starting in the 2023 season.

“The rules governing the same will be released soon.”

The tactical substitution rule’s details are given below.

After the BCCI establishes the Impact Player rule, IPL 2023 will use tactical substitutes.

What precisely is the law?

At the toss, each team will list four substitutes; however, only one of those players may be deployed as an Impact Player throughout the game. Only one Impact Player may be utilized by each team. The action is not required.

Before the 14th over of an inning, the Impact Player may take the place of any starter from the starting XI. Before the current over is over, the captain, head coach, or manager must inform the fourth or on-field umpire. A batting side may use the innings break or the fall of a wicket to add an impact player. After an Impact Player is introduced in a game, that player is allowed to bat and bowl his whole allotment of four overs in a single uninterrupted innings. If a player needs to leave the game due to injury, Impact Player can only be used at the end of the current over and is qualified to bat. There are always 11 available players to bat.

The “Impact Player” rule enables teams to substitute players at any point during the game so they can adapt to the game’s evolving circumstances and replace underwhelming players.

  • Each club may name four substitutes in addition to their starting lineup.
  • Before the first ball of the match is bowled, each team should announce their four substitutes in addition to their playing XI.
  • One of the four can be used to replace any member of the Starting XI.
  • The Impact Player can bowl and bat, in contrast to the “Super Sub” (described below) or the substitute for concussions. The IPL 2023 Impact Player Rule, to put it simply, permits a bowler to take the place of a batter or an all-rounder.
  • However, the adjustment can only be changed up until the inning’s 14th over.
  • Teams shouldn’t have more than four players from abroad in their starting lineup.

If a player needs to leave the game due to injury, Impact Player can only be used at the end of the current over and is qualified to bat. There are always 11 available players to bat.

The action is not compulsory.

When the Supersub system was used in ODIs in 2005 and 2006, the replacement player’s role was the same as the player he replaced. This meant that the replacement player could only bowl the remaining overs from the replaced player’s quota and could not bat if the original player had already been dismissed.

The BBL in Australia experimented with—and then abandoned—the X-Factor rule, which allowed teams to change a starting XI player at the halfway point (or ten-over mark in a full game) of the first innings if the replacement player hadn’t already batted or bowled more than one over.

Can the player who was replaced continue to play in the match?

No, the player who was replaced cannot participate in the game going forward, not even as a replacement outfield. The playing rules outlined in MCC Law 24.1 – substitute fielders – will nonetheless apply if a player is hurt while fielding in the middle of an over. However, he is unable to continue playing if the Impact Player steps in to replace the injured player. Otherwise, Impact Player can only be used after the fielding side’s over has been completed.

MCC Law 24 – Fielder’s absence; substitutes – will take effect if an Impact Player is deployed by a side and suffers an injury. A substitute fielder may take the field in place of an injured player if the umpires are convinced that the injury or illness occurred during the game. The replacement is not allowed to bowl or serve as captain.

Will shortened games permit teams to use an Impact Player?

Yes, but not if the contest is cut short to fewer than 10 overs each side due to a delayed start.

How does this differ from the X-Factor regulation in the BBL?

The X-Factor rule permits teams to change a starting XI player after the 10th over of the first innings as long as the replacement player has not yet batted or bowled more than one over. Even if the player they replaced has already bowled, the substitute player is only allowed to bowl a total of four overs.