World Cricket Committee consider introducing ‘shot clock’

shot clock

The MCC World Cricket Committee could be agreeable to presenting a ‘shot clock’ and amid diversion run punishments to help revive up moderate over rates in every one of the three configurations of the amusement. The board noticed that over rates in Test cricket were at a 11-year low, while T20 was at its slowest ever, and talked about utilizing a shot clock that would urge groups to finish an over inside the stipulated time.

The advisory group, from which Mike Gatting, Sourav Ganguly, Ricky Ponting and John Stephenson were in London, met at Lord’s, with ICC’s David Richardson, FICA’s Tom Moffat and ECB’s Sanjay Patel showing up for specific parts of the gathering.

The board of trustees likewise examined different issues, including the eventual fate of cricket’s way of life in light of the ball-altering episode that saw Cricket Australia prohibiting Steven Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft, cricket at the Olympics, development of ladies’ cricket, assurance for bowlers and ECB’s proposed 100-ball rivalry separated from the previously mentioned worry about moderate pace of play.

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PACE OF PLAY – Shot Clock

The Committee contemplated information given by the ICC and noticed that moderate over rates in cricket was a genuine concern. The MCC discovered that the over-rates in Tests are the least they have been for a long time, while in T20s, it’s the most reduced ever.

“We discussed the possibility of a shot clock,” Ricky Ponting said. “That is essentially the dead time in the amusement. So the finish of an over, the defenders and bowlers must be back in positions and prepared to bowl in a specific measure of time. That is non-debatable. The same with the new batsman going to the wrinkle.

“We discussed distinctive punishments and what they may be, we didn’t arrive at a conclusion on what was good and bad. I think we are of the conviction that a-there-and afterward run-punishment in the amusement would be something worth taking a gander at. You’d envision that the chiefs at that point would assume a gigantic liability in ensuring that their players are prepared to go.”

The public statement included that the board of trustees was energized by signs that the ICC will survey measures to enhance the pace of play.

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The Committee said it had learnt that 87% of an ongoing ICC review upheld cricket at the Olympics. The MCC restored its help for cricket to be played at the Olympics. It likewise said it was satisfied and is cheerful of ladies’ cricket being incorporated into the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

“87% of individuals needed to see the amusement in the Olympics. What’s more, that is something this board has been discussing, as far back as I’ve been on it – last 2/3 years, and thinking about what different markets can open up as aftereffect of the diversion being in Olympics. Clearly there are various difficulties – measure of groups, measure of competitors, settings are on the whole concerns – yet it’s one thing that the fans need to see and it’s upto us and the ICC to do whatever we can together to give cricket its most obvious opportunity with regards to blasting onto the scene in the Olympics and every one of us would love to see that at some stage,” Ponting said.

They additionally respected the possibility of the setting up of an ICC Women’s cricket council and the incorporation of ladies’ cricket in ICC’s Global Cricket Strategy. It likewise perceived the requirement for ladies’ cricket to develop past simply global groups keeping in mind the end goal to keep the broadening of hole between countries.

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The advisory group said it trusts that an all encompassing methodology is required, beginning with worldwide sheets assuming liability for the lead of their groups keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee cricket is played with the correct soul.

“We discussed various things and clearly the ball-altering thing was spot over the plan and how would we best approach stamping it out,” said Ponting. “I think we are all in concurrence with what the ICC has done in fortifying the punishment on the ball-altering offense.”

“Toward the day’s end, we feel a genuine all encompassing methodology must be gone up against the ball-altering side of things as well as overall culture of the diversion, nation by nation frankly. I believe it’s still inside the ability or in the hands of the home board to ensure that their group is playing the amusement in the correct way.”


The board of trustees said that it has not yet examined playing four-day Tests, saying it right now puts stock in five-day Tests, and included that it will talk about if there is a consistent view about playing four-day cricket.

Talking about D-N cricket, Ganguly stated: “I am an adherent to day-night Test cricket and I trust that is the manner in which group will come back to Test cricket particularly in India. Yet, clearly, the Indian board has opposed, the players have opposed for some time and we would need to hold up to accept a call. It is played in different nations, Australia, England, South Africa. I know the Indian board has its own particular thoughts, and it isn’t inside the privileges of the MCC however we can prescribe it and sit tight for everybody to acknowledge it.

“It was chosen in the specialized board of trustees meeting a year ago to have multi day night Test at Rajkot this season when the West Indies come in however the group administration have their own thoughts and conveyed that they were not prepared, perhaps it’s the dew conditions in the night, possibly it’s the Kookaburra ball, the SG doesn’t have a pink ball yet which is typically used to play Test cricket in India, so we should acquire the Kookaburra ball, so there are a ton of issues that haven’t been settled.”

Utilizing DUKES BALL – Shot Clock

The advisory group felt that utilizing diverse balls in various nations can add to the appeal of Test cricket and are agreeable to proceeding with it as it may be. Be that as it may, Ganguly included that the greater part of them were agreeable to utilizing only the one white ball in ODI cricket with a specific end goal to enable bowlers to have a greater amount of an effect in the arrangement.

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In the wake of breaking down reports from ICC Chief Executive David Richardson, and Vintcent van der Bijl (expert to Zimbabwe Cricket), the board noticed that the measures taken by ICC had brought about a cheerful situation for Zimbabwe Cricket. The advisory group additionally watched that the World Cup qualifying competition held in Zimbabwe ended up being a fruitful wander.

Insurance FOR BOWLERS  – Shot Clock

The board likewise investigated film of ongoing mishaps in connection to bowlers who had been hit subsequent to finishing their conveyance walk by straight drives, particularly in the most limited arrangement of the amusement.

In connection to it, ECB and MCC have been taking a gander at “propelling a plan venture for producers to create set out insurance toward bowlers and the council is steady of this move”.


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