Women’s IPL: BCCI considers 5 teams, 2 venues, 20 league matches

Women's IPL

The board for control over cricket in India (BCCI) is reportedly hoping to carry out the inaugural edition of the Women’s Indian Premier League (WIPP) in March 2023.

According to a Cricbuzz report, the BCCI is investigating the possibility of allowing franchisees to place a maximum of five overseas players in their play XI. Of those five players, a maximum of four can come from ICC Full member countries, with the remaining lock open for players of Associate Nations.

The IPL, on the other hand, is up to four players in the team without restrictions on the recording of players from full member countries.


I hope BCCI is doing smart and getting the same franchises to have women’s teams. The existing fan bases are required in the first years.

The report also states that BCCI intends to sell the franchises zone-wise or city. It reads:

“The board also debates between two options for the sale of the IPL teams: Zone-North (Dharamsala/Jammu), South (Kochi/Vizag), Central (Indore/Nagpur/Raipur), East (Ranchi/Cuttack),, Noordoost (Guwahati) and West (Pune/Rajkot)-with competitions held at non-IPL locations and existing city-minded, such as the Men’s IPL (Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata-WITH competitions on IPL locations are held). A final decision on the proposal for locations will be made by the IPL chairman and the BCCI office carriers. “

Before the idea of ​​Wipl came the cricket representation of women in the cash-rich competition in the form of the Women’s T20 challenge, which was generally played during the playoffs.

The pole of players was divided into three teams, namely speed, supernovas, and pioneers.

BCCI is currently considering a travel schedule in caravan style comparable to IPL 2021 for the inaugural Wipl season

The five franchises, who have already aroused interest in existing IPL franchise owners, are planning to play each other five times in a Round-Robin format.

The team that ends in addition to the competition phase is directly eligible for the final, while the second and third parties are recommended to play an eliminator.


BCCI is considering having a proposal to have 5 overseas players in the starting XI – 4 of member states and 1 of an associated country – in the inaugural edition of the ladies IPL, planned for March 2023, reports @aayushputhran.

The size outlined will give rise to 20 luminaires in Wipl 2023, for which the BCCI is considering using two locations. The tournament will initially be set up at one location before they change locations for the second half of the season.

A similar route was used for the first half of the season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021. Teams were split into factions with the first set of matches played in Mumbai and Chennai.

However, the bio-bubble was broken halfway through the campaign, so that the tournament was suspended. The second half of the season had to be played four months later in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

It has been reported that, unlike the regular IPL season, a travel schedule in caravan style is considered, with which several games would be played at one location before the entire tournament moves to another location. The first half of the 2021 edition of the men’s IPL was played in a similar size when matches first took place in Mumbai and Chennai, and then in Delhi and Ahmedabad.


With only 20 league games in consideration, only two locations per season will be involved for the ladies’ IPL. So the inaugural 2023 season could be played on two of the above locations, the 2024 season at the other two, and 2025 at the remaining, plus one of the locations of the 2023 season