Is Pakistan Eliminated from the T20 World Cup 2024? Qualification Scenario for Super Eight

Pakistan Eliminated T20 World Cup 2024

The Pakistan cricket team led by Babar Azam, finds itself closer to elimination from the T20 World Cup 2024 tournament after facing an embarrassing defeat against its arch-rivals Team India on June 9 (Sunday). A shocking super-over defeat against the United States at Grand Prairie Stadium in Dallas followed by a 6-run loss against India at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York jeopardized Pakistan’s chances of qualifying for the Super Eight Stages.

After facing back-to-back two defeats, Pakistan ranks at the fourth position in the points table with a -0.150 Net Run Rate (NRR) and has slim opportunities to advance into the next rounds. Even after winning their next two games against Canada on June 11 and Ireland on June 16, Pakistan should hope for other teams in the group to lose a few games to keep their hopes alive.

Before scrutinizing Pakistan’s scenario for entering into the Super Eights, let’s look at the Group A points table after the highly anticipated clash against India. Also, knowing the remaining matches of the teams in Group A helps to predict Pakistan’s chances to qualify. 

Group A Points Table after India vs Pakistan Match in T20 World Cup 2024

After the high-voltage clash, here is how India and Pakistan rank at the contrary positions in the points table:

TeamMatches PlayedWinsLossesPoints TableNet-Run-Rate (NRR)
United States2204+0.626

Since the top two teams in a particular group qualify for the Super Eights, the Pakistan cricket team with a negative net run rate needs to win their next two matches by a huge win.

Group A Left-over Matches in T20 World Cup 2024

These are the six remaining matches in Group A fixtures, out of which each team will play two more games to enhance their qualification chances into the Super Eight Rounds:

Date and DayMatchVenue
June 11 (Tuesday)Pakistan vs CanadaNassau County International Cricket Stadium, New York
June 12 (Wednesday)United States vs IndiaNassau County International Cricket Stadium, New York
June 14 (Friday)United States vs IrelandCBRF Stadium, Florida
June 15 (Saturday)India vs CanadaCBRF Stadium, Florida
June 16 (Sunday)Pakistan vs IrelandCBRF Stadium, Florida

Can Pakistan Qualify for T20 World Cup 2024 Super Eights? Possible Scenarios Explained

Pakistan could qualify for the Super 8 stage of the T20 World Cup 2024 only by winning their remaining two matches against Canada and Ireland. Additionally, the men-in-green should expect either India or the USA to lose the upcoming two games. This would make Pakistan tally with four points either with India or USA. However, the net run rate would still come into action, so  Pakistan should aim for a massive victory which could help them boost their net run rate.

Furthermore, the competition to qualify for the Super Eight stages of the T20 World Cup 2024 could become more complicated if Canada manages to defeat India, which results in only three teams involved in the qualification race. You might raise a question if Pakistan can secure their spot in Super Eights.

These are the four possible scenarios on how Pakistan can storm into the Super Eights of the ongoing tournament:

SCENARIO 1:  India and Pakistan into Super Eights

Under these following scenarios, India will conclude as the group topper with 8 points, which might leave Pakistan or the United States rank at the second position:

  • Canada should lose against Pakistan and India.
  • The United States should lose against India and Ireland.
  • Pakistan should win against Ireland.

In the above-mentioned scenarios, Pakistan can qualify only by maintaining a superior run rate than the United States to secure the second spot.

SCENARIO 2: United States and Pakistan into Super Eights

These are the possible scenarios, where the USA might conclude as the table topper with 8 points, leaving Pakistan and India to compete for the second position.

  • Pakistan should win against Canada and Ireland.
  • The United States should win against India and Ireland.
  • India should win against Canada.

Based on the above examples, Pakistan would need to maintain a higher net run rate than India. But, this seems unlikely to happen since India maintains a huge net run rate right now when compared to other teams.

SCENARIO 3: Pakistan vs Canada vs USA

Under this scenario, Team India will top Group A with 8 points, thereby leaving Pakistan, Canada, and the USA in the battle to claim the second spot with 4 points:

  • Pakistan should defeat Canada
  • United States should lose against India and Ireland
  • Ireland should lose against India and Pakistan

Even under such conditions, Pakistan should maintain a massive net run rate when compared to Canada and the USA.

SCENARIO 4: India vs Pakistan vs Canada

United States can top group A with 8 points by leaving India, Pakistan, and Canada to fight for the second position with 4 points under the following examples:

  • If the USA and Canada manage to beat India
  • Pakistan should win against Canada and Ireland
  • The USA should win against Ireland.


From the above scenarios, the common point you might have observed is that Pakistan is in a must-win situation and needs to achieve victory in the upcoming two matches by a huge margin.

Even if Pakistan loses either one of the two games, they will straight away get eliminated from the tournament.

Also, there are minimal chances of the remaining matches in the Group A fixtures being canceled due to rain. Only in the case of severe rainfall, certain options such as conducting a reduced over contest per side could help to determine a proper outcome in the crucial stages of the tournament.