IPL 2021: Glenn Maxwell eager to learn from Virat Kohli at RCB

Glenn Maxwell

The Indian Premier League auctions 2021 saw a lot of changes, additions, and subtractions to the existing teams. One of the most important changes that have taken place is the release of Glenn Maxwell by Kings XI Punjab, a team in which he was there for quite a long time.

He has been purchased by Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) for a whopping 14.25 crore rupees. The swashbuckling all-rounder, who has been known for his huge sixes and handy off-breaks. He had set a base price of 2 crores in the IPL auctions that took place in February 2021. Glenn Maxwell did not have a particularly great Indian Premier League 2020, having scored 108 runs from 13 matches.

Past performances

Glenn Maxwell is originally a player who represents Australia in T20 and ODI formats. He has also represented Australia in 7 tests. Maxwell has been a player who employs a wide variety of shots to score runs. These are, more than often, quite unconventional. The reverse flicks, the switch hits, the ramps are all unorthodox shots that he employs to score runs at a pace quicker than anyone else to adapt to the changing demands of a rapidly evolving game.

With the changing of fielding restrictions in ODI cricket and the boom of T20 matches in the international cricket circuit. Cricket became a game that started relying more on the ability of the batsmen to hit the ball as hard as far as possible. Glenn Maxwell adapted to these demands of the game and emerged as a player with a variety of shots who could be sent in as the finisher in a tight match where the numbers of runs required on the board are double the number of balls left. However, his performances have not been the best always, and he has faltered on multiple occasions, including in the last IPL.

Learning from Virat Kohli

Glenn Maxwell had expressed his admiration for Royal Challengers Bangalore and was eager to join the team. He had already been a huge fan of AB de Villiers, whom he regards as his idol. Maxwell claims that he has learned a lot from AB and shares a great rapport with him. He also was eager to work with Virat Kohli, whom he is good friends with and hopes to learn a lot from.

Glenn Maxwell claims that he has been fortunate to be around some of the best players of the world, and playing in this team would only add more names to the list of such teammates he has had. After being bought by Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League auction, he has expressed his eagerness to join the team soon. He claimed that his stint with the RCB was going to be next level. He hoped to play alongside Virat Kohli this time and learn a lot from him in the course of his stay with the team.

Kohli & Glenn Maxwell – Pinnacle

He has even called the captain of the Indian team “the pinnacle of the game”. Kohli is currently the captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore and Maxwell thinks that he can learn a lot about leadership from him. Virat Kohli and Glenn Maxwell have been good friends over the years. Kohli was particularly very supportive of Maxwell when he took a break owing to his mental health in 2019. Kohli himself has been vocal about his own depression, about which he opened up very recently.

He narrated his taxing experience of battling with it in the course of the India tour of England 2014. The tour had not gone well for Kohli, who was in a bad form then. India had lost the test series comprising five matches 3-1 to England. Glenn Maxwell thus thinks that Kohli can related very well to the problems he faced and thus has stood by Maxwell regarding his decision.


The team of Royal Challengers Bangalore has been famous for the explosive batting pair of Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers. These two players have been the start attractions of the team, which has been known for having one of the best squads in the Indian Premier League. Now, even Glenn Maxwell will be a part of the same team.

Thus, the team of Royal Challengers Bangalore shall be one of the strongest ones in the upcoming edition of the Indian Premier League. Fans of cricket will be looking forward eagerly to the matches of RCB to watch three of the best T20 batsmen play together in the same team.