Inaugural Women’s IPL likely to be played from March 3 to 26

Women's IPL

Before the women’s tournament, which is expected to start on April 1, India is planning to organize the very first season of the Indian Premier League for women from March 3 to March 26.

The BCCI has not yet completed the process of completing the schedule, but it has set out a framework for the Women’s Indian Premier League (WIPL), which starts a week after the final of the World Cup of 2023 worldwide, and will take place in Cape Town on 26 February.

The BCCI has launched the tender for media rights for the Indian Premier League Seasons 2023-2027.

On Friday, December 9, the BCCI, as part of the process of organizing the Women’s Indian Premier League, launched the Media-Rights Tender for the Seasons 2023-2027 of the tournament. December 31 is designated as the last day on which the tender can be collected.

There have been reports that the first season of the Women’s Indian Premier League will consist of five franchises participating in a total of 22 games. The maximum number of players that are allowed in a team is 18 and they can include a maximum of six players from other countries. During a WIPL match, a team can use a maximum of five international players, as long as four of those players come from countries that are full members and one of those players comes from an associated country.

Before the dates for the Men’s Indian Premier League are established, rumors are reportedly investigating the availability of cricketers from other countries before they make their decision. The Twenty20 League will use a structure for home-and-road to play the games. Due to the widespread Covid-19 outbreak, the schedule had to be adjusted in the past few seasons.

Before he makes a decision about the IPL final of the men, the BCCI is said to investigate the availability of international players, according to After he has been postponed due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, the competition will resume his home-and-road format.

According to the report, the BCCI wants to complete the Indian Premier League last week of May. This is due to the fact that England and Ireland will play a final test match on Lord’s between 1 and 4 June, and the World T20 final would be held in the oval a few days later.

Team India has a chance to get the champion competition, despite the fact that they are currently in fourth place in the WTC classification.

Earlier in the current calendar year, the BCCI presented its members with a strategy for the Wipl. During the annual general meeting of the board, this statement was given and accepted the Go-Ahead.

To compete in the competition, the five franchise teams should play a total of 22 games, as determined by the proposal. Each team may have a maximum of 18 players, with a maximum of six players from other countries, and every first XI has a maximum of five players from other countries (four from full rights countries and one from a corresponding nation).

During the WIP League phase, each team will come across twice (for a total of 20 games), and the team with the best record will be transferred to the championship match without having to play in the semi-final. A confrontation between the two clubs that ended in second and third place in the competition will determine the other participant in the final.

In contrast to the Premier League of India (IPL) man, which invites franchisees to make offers for equipment in specific cities, the BCCI has presented two different sizes for the Women’s Indian Premier League (WIPP). The first sales teams involved traveled throughout the country to a total of six different time areas. Among the cities of each selected area are Dharamsala and Jammu for the northern zone, Pune and Rajkot for the West, Indore, Nagpur, and Raipur for the central area, Ranchi and Cuttack for the East Zone, Kochi and Vishhakapatnam for the south zone and Guwahati For the South Zone (Northeast).

The second model proposes to sell equipment without offering them a permanent basis of operations and celebrating IPL games in six different cities, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai. These cities have been selected for the roles of guest cities for the tournament.

The Cricket Control Board in India (BCCI) has not yet decided whether the equipment assembly would be carried out via an auction or a concept, which is the final phase in the process.

The Cricket team of the Indian ladies is currently competing against Australia in an international Twenty20 (T20i) series consisting of five games.

The Indian lady’s team is currently devoted to an international series of five twenty20 games against the Australian women’s team in his local stadium. The visitor team defeated women in Azul for a score of nine runs in the opening match, which took place on Friday at the DY Patil Stadium in Mumbai.