Crickex Announces its Partnership with Brandpush

Crickex artnership with Brandpush

Cricket has announced its partnership with one of the leading marketing agencies, Brandpush. The partnership is for the long run and would help promote the Crickex website in the world of online betting. Both Crickex and Brandpush have a strong and reliable customer base as well. The move will see Crickex being promoted across various social media platforms through Brandpush.

At Crickex, we offer an all-in-one online betting service that satisfies our users’ betting needs. Thus, the users don’t need to go anywhere else. It is also a vital step for our overall growth as a leading online betting website. So, hopefully, with the help of our good friends at Brandpush, we can reach out to more new players in the future.

Our users will have a list of reliable games and odds to choose from. Also, they don’t need to go to different platforms to learn about online betting safety. Users can access either one of the two platforms, and access our services.

With this relationship, we at Crickex look forward to taking advantage of all of the outcomes. We are thrilled to know that our platform can now be accessed via Brandpush and can reach a larger audience. Just like us, Brandpush too has a huge audience in India. 

Crickex Announces Engaging New Collaboration with BrandPush

As per MyBetting, 140 million people bet regularly in India. The number of people who bet during major sports events peaks at 370 million. The online betting market continues to grow swiftly every day. Similarly, the number of bookmakers is growing as well.

There are several online betting platforms available on the internet. While plenty of them are genuine, many are fake too. In creating our resource, we at Crickex aim to become the most genuine bookmakers. The goal of Crickex is to build a safe space for players to feel better.

Brandpush gives its readers accurate betting information and advice. They aim to help users set up their accounts on genuine platforms and choose the right bonuses. All the notifications on their website enable you to enter into online betting safely.

At Crickex, we provide our users with the best online betting tips. Those tips help them gain an advantage over other players. It also helps them save the finances they might lose without basic online betting knowledge.

We at Crickex use modern firewall and SSL encryption technologies. We also have basic operating licenses from reputable online betting firms. So, along with online betting, we also offer our users a safe space to learn.

With a great amount of pride and intent, we announce the successful completion of our talks with Brandpush. They will provide in-depth coverage and the latest information on bonuses provided by Crickex.

Brandpush itself is one of the pioneers of marketing and has worked with several top companies in the past. Many reputable brands have put their trust in them as a result of their efforts. They have plenty of positive reviews among active online readers as well.

Our Aim

In addition, our customers who trust the two sites will receive all the support from our platforms. Crickex and our friends at Brandpush will offer maximum comfort and access to our users. With effective branding, we look to improve our websites together, in terms of outreach and customer experience.

We at Crickex are here to help you with any issues you may come up with. That includes issues with transactions or claiming offers and bonuses. As a result, we encourage you to feel free to contact our customer support team at any time. Let’s keep growing by keeping our users’ needs in mind.