What Is A Bio-Secure Bubble And How It Will Protect Players


IPL 2020 is going to start from September 19th to till November 10th, the discussions concerning the security relating to the tournament area unit slowly gaining attraction. The crux of the deliberations is shifting from the players and the debutants to how safe the players are going to be within the Bio-Secure Bubble that has been planned to confirm the protection of the players from this menacing virus.

The Bio-Secure Bubble is something that’s entirely new to the concept of cricket. This has been devised to create an invisible shield that will protect the players from contracting the virus .Given the length of the tournament and the melange of players that comes in to play this domestic extravaganza, even if anyone player contracts the virus, it can be utter devastation.

In this IPL 2020, we are going to explore the conception of the bio-secure bubble which can be cricket’s biggest line of defense during this state of affairs of uncertainty.

Bio-Secure Bubble is like a dome that Stephen King conceived for his illustrious novel, ‘Under the Dome’ in which only the ones for whom an ID card has been issued, can enter .The present model of a bio-secure bubble was enforced for the West Indies and England series and now is also being place for ongoing Pakistan versus England series.

The players, management and the staff authorized to carry on the regular business  are the only ones who can step inside this bubble. In addition, they all need to pass the tests performed on them to find the trace of the virus, leading to negative.

The conception of a bio-secure bubble is especially to confirm that there’s minimal contact of the players with outside world that minimizes the risk of somebody catching the whiff of the virus.Players are only allowed to access the grounds and therefore the hotels.

However, situation is completely different within the UAE ,at the instant. the virus is claimed to be under control and the residents have a lot more freedom than any other nations.Despite the bio-secure bubble being imposed, the players might relish some leniency in terms of their movements.

No outings, no family, no guests .This is the foremost demanding that is going to be imposed on the players. They’re not allowed to have any kind of access to friends, families, visitors, and relatives throughout the period their stay. This mandate was tested heavily on English quick bowler, Jofra Archer. As he disobey the protocols of the bubble to meet a friend of his, he was compelled to take a seat out of the second match game against Pakistan and shell out a hefty fine. He have had to self-isolate himself for five days before he could get picked to play the final Test of the series.

There is a high possibility that players may land prior to, given time. Now, this additional time will highly involve the testing and the quarantining of the players before the net practice of the tournament begins. The players have to quarantine themselves within their hotel rooms on landing in the UAE. This was yet again place to the check once the West Indies cricketers landed in England quite someday back before the series started.

Something which will bring change in the new avatar of cricket is all set to take over the world of cricket is its ghostly apparitions that come with an empty stadium with designated player pathways. An age-old dogma of an electrifying atmosphere is going to be shattered. The game is going to be played behind closed doors for the first time in cricket history.Initially, there were talks about fabricated spectator environments where simulated audience reactions could have been placed but as of now, any speculations regarding such amped-up reactions have been axed.
Going by the examples set by England and West Indies for their Test series, the grounds can have set markings and selected player pathways to confirm that too several players aren’t cramped in one place because of halting movements.

There is an chances that commentary would be probability remote so as to to reduce the number of people flooding in to get the fray through without series. Also,practice of handing over your sweaters, caps, sunglasses to the umpires will no longer be a part of the tournament as we will be witnessing contactless umpiring for the first time in the history of cricket.

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