BCCI title rights go for ₹369.6 crore to IDFC First Bank

IDFC First Bank

Cricket in India is more than a mere sport; it is an integral part of culture that connects millions across the country. Recently, The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), its governing body for cricket in the country, made headlines with an extraordinary decision that could transform cricket sponsorship: IDFC First Bank acquired IDFC BCCI title rights for home bilateral matches from 2023-2026 at an unbelievable Rs369.6 crore deal which exceeded all expectations and sent shockwaves throughout sports sponsorship arena.

Setting a New Benchmark

Cricket fans were taken by surprise when BCCI auctioned off its title rights for bilateral matches to IDFC First Bank at an eye-watering price of Rs369.6 crore. This groundbreaking acquisition covers three years and 56 matches – equivalent to an astonishing Rs6.6 crore per match! What makes this acquisition truly remarkable is that it surpassed base value by 2.7 times and previous valuation by 1.7 times; an astonishing feat achieved thanks to value adjustments made following sales to brands like Dream11 and Adidas.

Strategic Value Corrections can be made on assets through multiple strategies.

Under pressure in an ever-evolving market environment, the BCCI showed remarkable insight into the value of its cricketing properties. Anticipating decreased market interest, they took proactive steps by lowering title rights base value from Rs2.4 crore per match to Rs2.4 crore per match and leading to an intense bidding war – this auction demonstrated its immense appeal among new brands looking for consistent visibility and engagement with massive fan bases.

Rise in Value Is A Statement About Indian Cricket’s Popularity

The surge in value of BCCI title rights underscores its immense popularity across India. Cricket holds a place of great affection in millions of hearts across generations and regions – an opportunity not lost upon brands who want to align themselves with this beloved game and reach diverse audiences through sponsorship deals related to cricket. Twelve interested entities participated in bidding process indicating its popularity with potential sponsors.

IDFC First Bank Rises Above Competitors with Victorious Performance

IDFC First Bank emerged victorious among 12 competitors bidding for title rights, outpacing Sony network to secure this sponsorship deal. Their bid not only exceeded BCCI’s base value but also outpaced rival bids considerably – solidifying IDFC First Bank as a prominent player in sports sponsorship by associating its brand with India’s most beloved sport.

Cricket and IDFC First Bank Join Force to Join Force for Win-Win Success

IDFC First Bank’s acquisition of the BCCI title rights is unquestionably a win-win scenario. While IDFC First Bank gains incredible exposure and engagement through cricket association, BCCI receives substantial financial relief that can be invested back into the sport to develop it further and promote it across India. These funds could go toward improving infrastructure, developing talent pools and organizing high-quality tournaments that captivate their nation-wide fan base.

Financial Implications

This deal has far-reaching financial repercussions. Boasting an estimated contract value of Rs369.6 crore over three years, BCCI can expect significant revenue boost from IDFC First Bank investment which should play an instrumental role in supporting cricket’s sustainable growth across India. IDFC First Bank’s confidence in cricket as an industry shows in their trusting of it delivering exceptional brand exposure and engagement through this sport.

First Bank’s IDFC Vision

IDFC First Bank’s decision to acquire title rights for BCCI fits with its wider vision and strategic goals. By associating itself with one of India’s favorite sports, the bank hopes to strengthen brand presence, connect with diverse customer segments, and leave lasting memories among cricket enthusiasts. Furthermore, this move not only increases IDFC First Bank’s visibility but also establishes it as a socially conscious organization supporting sport development and youth engagement initiatives.

Revolutionizing Cricket Experiences

The partnership between BCCI and IDFC First Bank could completely transform cricket experiences for fans across India. As cricket enthusiasts eagerly anticipate each match, they could witness a new level of engagement driven by IDFC First Bank’s involvement – one which may result in enhanced fan experiences, innovative activations plans, deeper audience relationships with banks like IDFC First Bank. No longer will cricket match be just about sports, but also platforms for brand interactions and memorable experiences!


The BCCI’s decision to award title rights to IDFC First Bank for Rs369.6 crore marks a landmark moment in sports sponsorship, symbolising not only cricket’s financial value but also the deep emotional bond it holds with millions of Indians. With IDFC First Bank embarking on this transformational journey, cricket fans can look forward to an era of engagement, innovation, and experiences unlike anything they have seen before – this monumental partnership may revolutionise sponsorship landscape and show us all why cricket remains such an effective force of unification while inspiring captivate.