Bangladesh Nurul Hasan accuses Virat Kohli of ‘fake fielding”

Virat Kohli of fake fielding

Cricket matches between India and Bangladesh, especially in major arenas such as World Cups, are rarely without controversy. After the Indian cricket team took a narrow 5 runs victory over Bangla Tigers in the Group 2 match to cement their hopes of qualifying for the semi-finals, Nurul Hasan made a major charge against Virat Kohli, accusing him of ‘false fielding’ during the match. . With Bangladesh losing the match by 5 runs, Hasan believes India should have been reprimanded for Kohli’s ‘false fielding’ and given a 5 runs penalty.

After Litton Das laid the groundwork for Bangladesh’s fierce start at the top, chasing a revised goal of 151 in 16 overs, Nurul Hasan produced some impressive shots to keep his side in the fray. After failing to bring Bangladesh across the line, he cited the ‘false fielding episode’ that went unnoticed as one of the reasons for his team’s loss.

“The wet outfield had an impact when we restarted the game. But there was also a foul shot that could have given us five runs, but we didn’t even get that,” said Nurul in Bengali in the mixed zone, taking a hint that referees Chris Brown and Erasmus Marais dig in.

The incident Nurul is talking about happened in the 7th where Arshdeep Singh shot the ball from deep into the keeper’s wing. Kohli, who was on the throwline, feigned to the non-striker’s winger as the ball was en route to reach the keeper.

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Hasan said the fact that the field was wet affected the chase and said Kohli’s false shot went undetected that day.

“The pitch was definitely wet and it had an impact and everyone saw it and in the end, I felt that when we were talking there was a foul shot and it could have been a five runs penalty and that could have gone the way we wanted, but unfortunately even that didn’t happen,” Hasan said.

Law 41.5, which deals with unfair play, prohibits “deliberately distracting, misleading or hindering the batsman”. If the umpire considers an incident to be a violation of the law, he may call a dead ball and award five runs to the batting team.

In this case, it would have been enough for Bangladesh to win the match and climb to the top of the table.

What does the regulation say?

In this regard, Law 41.5.1 states that “It is unfair for a fielder to deliberately attempt, by word or deed, to distract, mislead or hinder a batsman after the attacker has received the ball.”

However, Article 41.5.2 states that it is for the umpires to decide whether any distraction or deception was intentional or not. In this case, the umpires didn’t seem to have found anything ‘deliberate’ in Kohli’s performance.

According to clause 41.5.2, “it is for both umpires to decide whether any distraction, deception or obstruction is intentional.”

Had the umpires found Kohli guilty of false fielding, Bangladesh would have been awarded 5 runs.

This is what the MCC law states.

  • 41.5 Distraction, Deception, or Deliberate Interference of the Batsman
  • 41.5.1…It is unsportsmanlike for a fielder to intentionally, by word or deed, distract, mislead or interfere with either batter after the batter has received the ball.
  • 41.5.6 The pitching end umpire shall signal a foul ball or wide to the scorers, if applicable, award a 5 runs penalty to the batting side, inform the fielding captain of the reason for this action, and so on as soon as possible, the captain will inform. on the strike side.
  • 41.5.7 The ball does not count as one of the overs.
  • 41.5.8 All runs completed by the batsmen before the offense shall be scored, along with any penalty runs awarded to either side. In addition, the running run will be scored regardless of whether the batsmen were crossing each other at the time of the violation.
  • 41.5.9 The batsmen on the wicket shall decide which of them will face the next pitch.

Speaking of the match, Bangladesh sailed to the goal of 185 runs in Adelaide at one point and was 66/0 after 7 overs before rain stopped play. They were later given a revised goal of 151 in 16 overs, but the team led by Shakib Al Hasan lost the game by 5 runs (D/L method).

Previously, India had ridden KL Rahul and Virat Kohli to get 184/6 in 20 overs. India has now won three of their four matches and will face Zimbabwe on Sunday in their final group match in Melbourne.