Asia Cup 2020 cancelled due to Covid-19

Asia Cup 2020

BCCI president Sourav Ganguly on Wednesday confirmed that the Asia Cup 2020 cricket tournament will not be played this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sourav Ganguly confirmed the news during an Instagram live session with India Today’s Vikrant Gupta.

Ganguly was asked about Indian cricket and when can the fans see Virat Kohli’s team back on the field to which he replied that it is very difficult to predict when that can happen.

“It is very difficult to say which series will India play first. Nobody knows when the coronavirus crisis will end. All we can do is wait and watch.

“We are fully prepared for whenever cricket resumes in India but the implementation can only be done on the ground. Stadiums are open now but players are not going there because of the virus threat. We are not in a hurry to resume cricket in India.

“Players health comes first, even if we don’t have any cricket for 5-6 months it is alright. We have never seen a situation like this when cricket has to be stopped for 3-4 months. We don’t have a fixed target to resume cricket at the moment.

“If you ask about the IPL, we don’t know when that can be staged because we need to find a window for that first. The T20 World Cup is scheduled in October-November, the ICC is trying that the tournament goes ahead because it generates a lot of revenue for them. Till the time we get clear-cut directions from the ICC about the T20 World Cup, we cannot decide anything on the IPL.

“We don’t have a window for the IPL at the moment. We are going to Australia in December for the bilateral series which is part of the FTP (Future Tours Programme) which cannot be changed.

“So the Indian team will play its first full series in December. Asia Cup has been cancelled in September. So at the moment I cannot say when cricket will resume in India,” Ganguly told India Today.

Ganguly’s statement comes just days after the Pakistan Cricket Board CEO Wasim Khan assured that the Asia Cup 2020 will go ahead as scheduled later this year in either Sri Lanka or the UAE.

Khan had said last month that Pakistan, the original host of the event, had agreed to let Sri Lanka conduct it in return for hosting the next regional event.

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