5 fastest batsmen to reach 15 ODI centuries

5 fastest batsmen to reach 15 ODI centuries

An India-Pakistan encounter always brings a lot of records on the platter for the cricket fans. One such game was the recent Super Four fixture between Pakistan and India in the Asia Cup, which the latter won comprehensively with nine wickets to spare.

It was a double blow from the Indian openers, Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan, that helped India to win the encounter after some excellent stuff by the Indian bowlers. Rohit brought up his 19th ODI century and 7000 ODI runs. On the other hand, Shikhar Dhawan also brought up his 15th ODI ton which made him one of the fastest batsmen to hit 15 ODI centuries.

Thus, in this feature, we will have a look at the top five batsmen to reach 15 centuries in ODI cricket. Apart from Dhawan, two more Indian legends are a part of this list.

#5 Sourav Ganguly (India) – 144 innings

Sourav Ganguly, fondly known as Dada, holds the fifth place on this list. Ganguly had an illustrious career both as a captain as well as a batsman. He was known for his exceptional off-side play so much so that he was also known as God of Offside. He made and broke many records during his entire journey of ODI cricket.

His flashing off drives and flash cuts were a treat to watch. Besides, with an exceptional sense of timing and game sense, he was one of the fastest batsmen to reach 10,000 runs and 15 centuries in ODIs. Ganguly brought up his 15th ODI century in only his 144th ODI innings which also made him the fastest Indian to reach the 15th ODI ton back then.

#4 Saeed Anwar (Pakistan) – 143 innings

Saeed Anwar, the legendary Pakistani opener, happens to be 4th on the list. The left-handed batsman was a paramount success in ODIs. With sumptuous timing and immaculate placement, Anwar played an aggressive brand of cricket which had made him one of the most threatening openers in his time. Besides, despite minimal footwork, Saeed was a hit in ODIs.

Much like Ganguly, Anwar being a left-hander was exceptional in the cover and point region. Thus far, Saeed remains the third highest run-scorer for Pakistan in ODIs. In addition to that, with 20 ODI centuries to his name, Saeed has the most of ODI tons among the Pakistani batsmen.

Having hit his 15th ODI century in 143rd innings, Saeed Anwar comes fourth on this list just before Sourav Ganguly who did it in 144th innings.

#3 Shikhar Dhawan (India) – 108 innings

Shikhar Dhawan, the left-handed batsman from India, fixes the third place on the list. Dhawan has now become one of the most prominent openers of India in the history of ODI cricket. With a calm demeanour and a great sense of timing, Dhawan has been a treat to watch in ODIs.

Having scored two centuries in the ongoing Asia Cup, Shikhar is at the pinnacle of his form. With 327 runs to his name, he is currently the leading run-scorer in the tournament.

Recently, he brought up his 15th ODI ton in a Super Four fixture against Pakistan. Having scored his 15th ODI century in his 108th ODI innings, Dhawan became the third fastest batsman to have breached the mark.

#2 Virat Kohli (India) – 106 innings

You speak of any batting record, and this man will unquestionably find a place. Such has been the reputation of Virat Kohli in world cricket. Without any doubt, Virat has been one of the strongest pillars of the Indian team for quite a long time now. More importantly, with age on his side, he seems to dominate the world cricket in the coming time.

Virat Kohli hit his 15th ODI hundred in his 106th ODI innings which makes him second on the list. Virat’s 15th ODI ton came way back in 2013 against Zimbabwe. Had Kohli been as consistent in 2013 as he is now, he would have undoubtedly seized the first place on the list.

#1 Hashim Amla (South Africa) – 86 innings

Hashim Amla, the sole threat to any of the Virat Kohli’s records, happens to don the list. One of the finest stroke-makers in the game, Amla has been one of the greatest openers that South Africa ever had. His immaculate consistency in ODI cricket ranks him high on the list alongside the modern-day greats such as Smith and Kohli. Having scored more than 7000 ODI runs, Hashim has been the fastest batsman to reach many multiples of 1000s with 6000 and 7000-mark being the latest.

Besides, he is also the fastest batsman to hit 15 ODI centuries. Amla brought up his 15th ODI ton in only his 86th ODI innings. Unquestionably, with such records up his sleeve, Amla happens to be one of the most consistent batsmen in the history of ODI cricket.

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