How many Indian batsmen have scored double centuries in Australia?  


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Only three Indian has done so far in Australia

Ravi Shastri scored 206 in Sydney which was a draw. This was the only test which India managed to draw in 91–92 series which they lost 4–0. This was also the debut match of Shane Warne. Sachin also scored 148* in this match

Rahul Dravid scored 233 in Adelaide in 2003 and India won this test by 4 wickets. This is the only double century by an Indian in Australia which resulted in a test win, Dravid followed this double century with a half century in the fourth inning to win the test for India.

Sachin Tendulkar scored 242* in Sydney in 2003–04 series and the match ended with a draw. In his biography Sachin mentioned that his brother gave him a challenge of remaining not out in this match which he did by scoring 241* and 60* in the match. The match ended with a draw.
Viru came close to a double ton when he scored 195 in Melbourne in 2003 series. Pujara scored 193 in Sydney in 2018–19 series.


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