Cricket is a gentleman's game. There is a set framework; there are rules; and there is skill.  


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22/04/2019 10:26 am  

As cricket brings light to the last cricket-uninhabitated places of the world, it is starting to mature and soon it could leave the shadow of the owners that have taken such honest and smart care of it and truly find its own place in the world. In this new light, captains around the world, will find themselves in a new role of leadership much beyond the expectations of the past or present. In addition to leading their teams, captains will have to find in themselves a new sense of navigation; a sense of direction.

It is easy to lose faith and equally easy to lose interest. We're all allowed our mistakes. As players of a mature game, the scales, the drive to achieve and the nature of the rewards is going to change drastically. Not to say that the past will be lost, but a new space will open up; a place that was lost for more than three decades. A space to demonstrate that rarest of qualities in a sportsman. A space to demonstrate magic.


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